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Usage Increase!

Dear Madison B-cycle Members and Enthusiasts,

It has been a busy week here at Madison B-cycle. Our team is diligently working on one of our largest events of the year; Trek World. This annual convention is held by Trek Bicycle, who will be unveiling the latest and greatest products for the upcoming year, and runs from August 8-14.

As you may recall over the past 2 years Madison B-cycle utilized Trek World as an unveiling in 2011 and in 2012 we gave Trek World participants demo memberships. This year we will be continuing the trend from last year and provide all participants with a demo membership.

Now you may be wondering how this will affect you, the B-cycle user. Since Trek World brings in vendors from across the country, and globe, there will be an increase of 1,000+ members in our membership pool. This will lead our B-cycles to be checked out at a higher rate than usual.

But do not fret our Madison B-cycle team has taken measures to ensure that all of our users will have easy access to B-cycles when, and where they need them.

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