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B-cycle Spotlight: Ron Singer

Ron Singer SpotlightAll eyes are on Ron Singer!

Our Top Rider for 2012 and the first to complete Le Tour de B-cycle for the 2013 season

In an effort to get to know Mr. Singer a little better we conducted a quick Q&A to better understand our Top Rider.

Question 1: Tell us a little about yourself. (Job, family, interests, etc.)

I’m retired with 2 children, 2 stepchildren, 4 grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren with a third on the way.  I obviously enjoy biking, and being active, with swimming as my main form of exercise, along with biking.  I’m the guy you see daily on a b-cycle (with helmet!).

Q2: How long have you been a member of Madison B-cycle?

I’ve been a member of b-cycle since day 1, May, 2011.  During 2011 I came in second on the leaderboard, last year I was first.

Q3: What has been your favorite experience with Madison B-cycle?

Doing Tour de B-cycle last year, half with my son and then one year old grandson in tow.  I finished the other half the next day.  More generally, I enjoy getting around everywhere on B-cycle, seeing others using it, serving as an ambassador of sorts, talking up B-cycle, and helping out people who ask about it, or are having difficulty figuring out how to use it.

Q4: If you could go on a Tour de B-cycle with any historical figure (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Probably President Obama.  It would be a wonderful way of showing him how programs like B-cycle have not only recreational value, but are part of the solution to our energy and environmental challenges, as well as getting others interested in joining.

Q5: If there was one thing you could tell a stranger about Madison B-cycle what would it be?

Get out and try it, you’ll be hooked – I am!


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