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7 Reasons to Start Biking

Biking is a fun way for a person to get improve their health, physically and mentally. There are a number of ways that biking can improve your health, including an awesome workout for your quads and a stress free meditation session. Check out the top 7 reasons to start biking presented by Women’s Health Magazine

1. It burns calories!

2. You can do it on the go! It’s a relatively easy routine to get into. Bike to work, bike to class, bike to the grocery store. Biking will become a part of your everyday life.

3. In addition to killer legs, biking sculpts your upper body as well, giving you a balanced tone to your bod.

4. It improves energy levels by 20%. If you’re feeling sluggish, hop on your bike and boost your energy.

5. It puts less stress on your joints than walking or running. 

6. Every muscle feels that burn, creating a more effective workout.

7. It lowers your blood pressure and LDL while increasing your aerobic fitness.

Biking is a good way for one to get in shape and improve their overall health. Hop on your bike and pedal your way to a healthier lifestyle!