The First Tour de TRIKE!

Recently, a brave soul by the name of Steve Wasmund took the B-trike on a Tour de B-cycle. Steve was thoughtful enough to document the experience and share it with the world! 

Read his account of the day below!


(Photo Credit: Nathan Vergin) 

I was B-cycling back from work and needed to stop by Trader Joe’s. Out of the corner of my eye I see the elusive B-cycle trike parked at the Camp Randall station! I knew my evening had just taken an interesting turn. I did my own u-turn, checked in the 2-wheeler I’d been riding and was in the process of rolling up my sleeves to arm-wrestle the nice lady who was getting ready to check out another cycle at the station when she informed me she wasn’t planning on riding the trike. Whew. That would have been a tough fight. I dropped my bag in the trunk, swiped my card, un-docked the trike and, immediately, Travis Youman (of Stray Cat Bicycles) and his wife, Shannon, ride up… I thought to steal the trike, but we just chatted for a bit and Travis took it for a quick test ride. He approved, although mentioned that the Sturmey Archer shifter was stiff… and backwards (it’s English). 

We parted ways and I continued on to Trader Joe’s. Not daring to lose my grasp on the trike, I locked up to the bike rack instead of docking it. Greedy, for sure, but I was willing to commit that sin in order to continue riding. Five minutes and a salad later and I was spinning again, trying to decide where my test ride should take me. I contacted a couple of friends from the Church of the Spoken Wheel, Martha and Nate, who always seem to be out riding and sure enough, they were planning a leisurely spin around Lake Monona. It didn’t take but 10 minutes of chatting, brainstorming, daring, test riding and laughing and we’d devised the ingenious plan of tackling the Tour de B-trike! Martha’s neighbor, Sam (of Scram Couriers) was so entertained by our antics that he decided to hop back on his bicycle after a full day of delivering and join us on our mission. Almost 7pm on a beautiful Monday evening during Bike Week in Madison and we were off! 

West through campus to the University Hospital, south to Monroe & Knickerbocker, along the shoreline of Lake Wingra and back east to the Sheraton Hotel, up John Nolen Dr, along the shore of Lake Monona down Willy out to Olbrich Gardens, Tenney Park then back downtown to sweep up the density of stations available there. We were going to make it!

It was an amazing tour and we gave it our best. We live to tour another day.

My thoughts on the trike… it needs a bell. There need to be more of them, and they need bells.

Thanks B-cycle. 

An incredible account of an incredible day of events. 

If you have an stories you would like to share with your fellow B-cyclers email them to or


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