Tour de B-cycle Hall of Fame-rs!



These brave people have taken the 2012 Tour de B-cycle challenge! Their names will go down in history as the bravest B-cycle-rs ever known in Madison.

Brian Conger (4/1/12)

Ron Singer (4/15/12)

Torben Harrison (6/29/12)

Claire Hurley (7/14/12)

Shannon O’Hern (7/14/12)

Kelsey O’Hern(7/14/12)

Kaitlin Bier(7/14/12)

Travis Doran (7/22/12)

Adam Both (7/22/12)

Sarah Both (7/22/12)

Jody Medeke (8/24/12)

Nicci Fite ((8/24/12)

Dane Fjelstad (8/24/12)

Steve Wasmund (9/8/12)

Stu Rasmussen (9/12/12)

Mary Alderson (10/6/12)

Chris Whelley (10/6/12)

Albert Quattrucci and son (10/20/12)

Meredith Krejny (10/29/12)

Chuck Failing (10/29/12)

Steve Faulkner (11/15/12)

Will Catron (11/15/12)

Katy Hurley (11/17/12)

Keith Weber (11/18/12)

Beth Gelhar (11/18/12)

Troy Price (11/18/12)

Andrea K Noeske (11/22/12)

Torben Harrison– Second Tour (11/23/12)

Zacarias Barnes (11/30/12)

Ron Singer (05/01/13)

Derek McRoberts (07/20/13)

Indira Ceylan (07/20/13)

Liz Gebhardt (07/20/13)

Ronald Gangnon (07/24/13)

Chris Helf (07/29/13)

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