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It's always a beautiful day for a BCycle ride!

It’s always a beautiful day for a BCycle ride!

Meet the Interns!

From Right to Left: Renna Durham, Janalle Goosby, Raylene Brinkmeier

From Right to Left:
Renna Durham, Janalle Goosby, Raylene Brinkmeier


The interns have worked very hard this summer to create the best B-cycle experience for its riders and the Madison community. Since the beginning of May, they have indulged in many events in the community, as well as hosted events of their own. Coming from very different backgrounds, each intern brought something new and fresh to the Marketing team to create a unique experience for Madison B-cycle.

A driving factor behind working for Madison B-cycle for Raylene was connecting with the biking community.

“I could understand and feel their passion for biking and I wanted to be in the circle,” Raylene said.

“It was truly inspiring my first week with Madison B-cycle during Bike to Work week. Seeing everyone on their bikes, commenting to work, rain or shine, showed me just how dedicated bikers are to their craft. I saw everyone, no matter what age or size, on their bikes. It was nice to see the community come together in such a productive and healthy way,” Janalle added.

Each intern has a special skill that they brought to the team; Raylene specializes in sales, Renna has a head for business, and Janalle has a background in communications. The three of them together has created a pretty great team. Although the road hasn’t been the smoothest, they persevered through their struggles and helped each other grow and learn along the way.

“Understanding has been the biggest thing I’ve learned from working with the other interns. That, and social media. I truly enjoy working with both of them. Janalle is really good at connecting with people and helping them understand. Renna is really good at the business side and making it fun,” Raylene commented.

“I always try to learn as much as possible, whether it be through experiences, talking and interacting with people, or simply observing. I’ve learned a great deal from Raylene. She has such a  wealth of experiences that it would be difficult not to take at least one thing back. Fortunately for me, I’ve taken several. From her experience in sales to her eagerness to learn something new, I’ve had the pleasure of growing from her, and with her,” Janalle remarked.

Leaving this experience, the interns will take a lot with them.

“My biggest accomplishment is outreach. I’ve reached the downtown area and students and was able to spread the word about Madison B-cycle. I’m very proud of that. We (the interns) have worked hard this summer to make sure as many people as possible are aware of B-cycle, understands how it works, and take it for the spin. I think we’ve done a really great job to make sure that happens,” Raylene said.

“Similar to Raylene, I think that getting out in the community and interacting with people is my biggest accomplishment. But, in general, I think that honing my craft in communications is my biggest accomplishment. From creating content with the newsletter to talking about bikes with the experts, I was able to tailor my style to many different audiences and I had a blast so,” Janalle added.

In her free time, Raylene likes to spend time outdoors and staying active. Any outdoor activiy, Raylene pretty much enjoys. She also likes to travel as much as possible. Janalle is somewhat of the opposite. She likes to read, watch movies, and listen to music. She has a pretty big vinyl collection.

Overall, the interns were thrust into a world that they’ve never really experience before. Over the past few moths, they’ve acquired a lot of knowledge about biking that they otherwise wouldn’t have. They have even started biking more themselves, something that they haven’t done much of before.

“I’ve learned more about bikes. It is not just a mode of transportation, but an avenue for wellness,” Raylene said.

B-bash Mixer and Summer Contests!

Hey there B-cycle fans and bike enthusiasts. We want to end the summer with a bang..or bash for that matter. Join us on August 28th at Peace Park for an end of the summer celebration to bring together the existing B-cycle community and new B-cycle members to celebrate the wonderful world of bike share!

We’ll have the Wisconsin Bike Fed, Dream Bikes, and the UBRC there supporting us and offering tons of information on all things bike related.

Check out our Facebook event for more details.

At the Bash, you’ll have the chance to win some great prizes, including free memberships, gift cards, and Badger football tickets. In addition, we still have our summer contests going on. Be sure to submit your best B-cycle photos as well as amp up your rides for your chance to win!

We look forward to seeing you all there!


–The B-team

Meet the B-team!

Hey everyone! We wanted to take the time to introduce you all to the FABULOUS B-team! This summer, we’ve added three new marketing interns, a new seasonal tech, and a new assistant city manager, in addition to the ever-so-wonderful B-vets. 

So far, we’ve worked hard to promote awareness about alternative transportation. In such a bike friendly city, it is important to spread the word about bike sharing; a convenient and healthy mode of transportation. You may have seen us at various events around Madison under our tent and handing out lots of B-swag. It is our goal, not only to recruit new members, but engage our existing B-cyclers and encourage bicycle use. 

We want to profile every member of the B-team so that you get a closer look into what we do, who we are, and why it is our passion to provide the best B-cycle experience possible. B- on the lookout for our profiles and information on what’s happening with B-cycle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagam, as well as our e-newsletter.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us this far and look forward to adding new members to our B-family!

Top Row (Left-Right): Krista Crum- Assistant City Manager, Ryan Parsons- Tech, Raylene Brinkmeier- Marketing Intern, Claire Hurley- Field Operations Manager Bottom Row: Josh Reindl- Tech, Janalle Goosby- Marketing Intern, Garry Whitebird- Tech, Renna Durham- Marketing Intern, Josh Griffith- Operations Manager

Top Row (Left-Right): Krista Crum- Assistant City Manager, Ryan Parsons- Seasonal Tech, Raylene Brinkmeier- Marketing Intern, Claire Hurley- Field Operations Manager
Bottom Row: Josh Reindl- Tech, Janalle Goosby- Marketing Intern, Garry Whitebird- Tech, Renna Durham- Marketing Intern, Josh Griffith- Operations Manager

Bike for Boys and Girls Club

Bike for Boys and Girls Club was a huge success this past weekend. Check out the photos from this event.

7 Reasons to Start Biking

Biking is a fun way for a person to get improve their health, physically and mentally. There are a number of ways that biking can improve your health, including an awesome workout for your quads and a stress free meditation session. Check out the top 7 reasons to start biking presented by Women’s Health Magazine

1. It burns calories!

2. You can do it on the go! It’s a relatively easy routine to get into. Bike to work, bike to class, bike to the grocery store. Biking will become a part of your everyday life.

3. In addition to killer legs, biking sculpts your upper body as well, giving you a balanced tone to your bod.

4. It improves energy levels by 20%. If you’re feeling sluggish, hop on your bike and boost your energy.

5. It puts less stress on your joints than walking or running. 

6. Every muscle feels that burn, creating a more effective workout.

7. It lowers your blood pressure and LDL while increasing your aerobic fitness.

Biking is a good way for one to get in shape and improve their overall health. Hop on your bike and pedal your way to a healthier lifestyle!


Summer 2014 B-cycle Contests!!!

Hey Madison B-cycle fans! We’re kick starting summer with three different contests. Here’s your chance to win free memberships, t-shirts, and various gift cards from local establishments! Not a B-cycle member? Now’s the time! Already a B-cycle member? Here’s your chance to get competitive!

The contests include: Best B-cycle photo, Top New Rider, and Top three riders!

Best B-cycle Photo: Let your lens do the talking. Time to get artsy and share your best B-cycle photo with us, using the hashtags #ridethered and #beyondthebars. Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Top New Rider: Hey incoming students and new members, now is your chance to shine and make a big entrance into the B-cycle community. Take the most rides throughout the summer and win!

Top 3 Riders: This one is for the B-cycle veterans. Bring out your competitive spirit and ramp up the number of B-cycle rides for a chance to be on the the top 3 B-cyclers of the summer.

The contests end August 22nd, so be sure to submit your photos by then! More in-depth details on specific prizes are coming soon.

We have some other cool things in store for the rest of the summer, so be on the lookout for more details about upcoming events, chances to win, and more!

Are you Ready? Show us what you’ve got, Madison, and keep on pedaling!

Rhythm and Booms 2014!!!

We’ve Missed You!

Hey there B-cyclers, it’s been a loooonnnnggggg time. We wanted to let you all know that we haven’t forgot about you all. Since we last checked in, we’ve had some major developments and changes. We have three new AWESOME interns, a brand new tech guy, an ever-so fresh Assistant City Manager, and four new convenient stations! Stay tuned next week for details on each of our new developments, including pictures of our new B-team and stations, as well as updates on past, and future, events! We have some exciting things in store this summer that you don’t want to miss. 

Thanks for hanging in there!

B-happy, B-positive, B-healthy,

The B-team


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A Short Film starring: The B-Cycle

Seeing as it is the first of the month, it would be fitting to post a “first.” This is the first short film ever created starring The Madison B-cycle. You could argue that our intern-extrodinare Connor does his best to steal the spotlight. But regardless of who you believe the true star of this film is, we just want you to believe it’s awesome. Please enjoy our first Madison B-cycle video production:

This video would have never been possible without the amazing help of Paddy Cassidy.  Paddy was 100% instrumental in the creation of this video, and we want to make sure his work is honored. The best way to honor a video editor? Share his material. Post the link to any social media site, retweet it, share it with your friends that love bike share (or Connor). As the internets say, let’s make this baby viral!

Thank you again Paddy for your constant help in making this happen. We owe you B-cycle rides for life.

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